1.5 MG Southwest Elevated Tank (City of Sherman)

IMG_3610The projects consists of constructing a 1.5 Million-Gallon composite elevated water tank and included piping, site grading, and paving improvements within the site of the existing Southwest Booster pump station in the City of Sherman, Texas.

Cost: $2,300,000

Status: Under Costruction

Category: Water Supply and Storage


Barnes Bridge Pump Station (City of Mesquite)

A 22 MGD maximum day pump station replacement that will pump treated water to the city of Mesquite from the NTMWD system.  The project includes a pump station building with 4 – 400 HP vertical turbine pumps, space for two additional 400 HP vertical turbine pumps, a generator building with 1000 kW generator set, and a water quality building.  The facility is located in the city of Dallas which required submittals to Dallas.  The construction cost was $6,000,000 and was completed in 2012.

Status: Construction Completed

Cost: $6,000,000

Caregory: Water Distribution