East Dallas Residential Development (City of Dallas)

These projects consist of multi-family (Condos) or single family (Townhomes) residential developments in the heart of the current development surge in East Dallas. Services provided include grading, drainage, and paving design as well as coordination with the City of Dallas’ Sustainable Development and Construction (SD&C) department, and also utility plans as required by and coordinated with Dallas Water Utilities (DWU).


1.5 MG Southwest Elevated Tank (City of Sherman)

IMG_3610The projects consists of constructing a 1.5 Million-Gallon composite elevated water tank and included piping, site grading, and paving improvements within the site of the existing Southwest Booster pump station in the City of Sherman, Texas.

Cost: $2,300,000

Status: Under Costruction

Category: Water Supply and Storage


Post Oak Wastewater Treatment Plant 80 MGD Headworks Lift Station and Electrical Upgrade (City of Sherman)

The soon to be upgraded headworks lift station at the Post Oak wastewater treatment plant in the City of Sherman consists of eight new large submersible pumps and wet well capable of transferring 80 MGD of raw sewage to several units in the wastewater treatment plant through new force mains that range from 24-inch to 36-in pressure piping.

Status: Under Construction

Cost: $7,000,000

Caregory: Wastewater Treatment

Barnes Bridge Pump Station (City of Mesquite)

A 22 MGD maximum day pump station replacement that will pump treated water to the city of Mesquite from the NTMWD system.  The project includes a pump station building with 4 – 400 HP vertical turbine pumps, space for two additional 400 HP vertical turbine pumps, a generator building with 1000 kW generator set, and a water quality building.  The facility is located in the city of Dallas which required submittals to Dallas.  The construction cost was $6,000,000 and was completed in 2012.

Status: Construction Completed

Cost: $6,000,000

Caregory: Water Distribution