Freeman-Millican, Inc. (FMI), TX ENGINEERING FIRM REG NO. 2827, has been providing professional engineering services to cities, water and utility districts and other public agencies in the North Texas area since it was established by Larry Freeman and Terry Millican in November 1987. FMI provides engineering consulting services for a broad range of municipal projects including development plan review, design for paving and drainage projects, design for water and wastewater (treatment and distribution) projects, and master planning of facilities.

In 2017, FMI celebrated 30 years of continuously providing quality engineering services, for clients of various sizes, including municipalities and developers. We pride ourselves in retaining our clients for a long time. All our larger clients have been served by FMI since early 90s. One of the main reasons why our clients are staying with us lie in our multi-discipline, in-house expertise in fields of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as geotechnical and architectural. We are praised by our clients for dedicating extra time if necessary both in project design/construction phase as well as during the project operation.